What’s this mess all about?

It’s disgusting! You know it, the transit union knows it, but the MTA does not seem to get it!

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Trash-filled subway cars are coming back because the MTA has cut Cleaner jobs. If you encounter a filthy subway car, it’s because the MTA doesn’t have the staff to clean it — because they decided to spend their budget $$ on something else — like million dollar consultants.

That’s where you come in. By entering our photo contest for the filthiest subway car, you are helping make our case that Cleaner jobs should be restored. 

We run a world-class operation — and New York’s transit system is second to none. The MTA shouldn’t skimp on hiring the staff they need to deliver clean cars to our 6.5 million daily riders. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words: upload your photo and enter the contest!

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Local 100 will pay $500 for the best photo when the contest ends on November 30. And if you’re on Instagram, share the photo with the hashtag #trashtrain.